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Ep. 66 Empowering Dancers: Mental Health Tips for Teachers with Wendy Holmquist

The Acrobatic Arts Podcast • 08/02/2023

In this episode Wendy Holmquist provides essential mental health tips and some really good reminders! Discover how to support your dancers' emotional well-being, create a safe space, and nurture resilience in your dance studio. Don't miss this opportunity to empower both yourself and your students! Tune in now for valuable insights and actionable strategies to prioritize mental health in dance.

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Need some visuals? Check out Wendy's Weekly Mini presentation, Mental Health Tips with Wendy Holmquist, on YouTube!

About Wendy

Wendy Holmquist began her dance education at age 13 in her grandmother’s studio, Markall School of Dance. With more than 45 years experience she has been the proud owner/director of Dance Dynamics Studio in Thunder Bay for the past twenty plus years.

Wendy has spent many hours researching and exploring different syllabi, articles, videos and webinars to develop programs the where emphasis lies around forming technically correct multi-disciplined performers, at the same time providing unique and everlasting life experiences. The studio’s programs vary to encompass children of all ages and aspirations. 

Wendy’s dance education is comprised of exams/certification from accredited organizations; Acrobatic Arts,  AcroDance Competition Adjudicator, Dance Teachers Stage Division Jazz, ADAPT(Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers), Al Gilbert Dance Educators, Dance Teachers Club of Boston &American Society of Dance Teachers -Jazz Division, Dance Olympus,  and  Progressing Ballet Technique, and CLI Continuing Dance Education, and Mental Health First Aid.

Wendy has an extensive background as a fitness instructor/trainer where she was employed at Vic Tanny’s, YM/YWCA, the City of Thunder Bay, and Confederation College Fitness Centre, and received certification  through the Ontario Fitness Leadership program and was a certified Nautilus instructor.

As an Acrobatic Arts Examiner Wendy travels throughout Canada and the United States and most recently through Zoom, where she evaluates young acro dancers as they progress through the 12 level syllabus providing valuable critiques and encouragement for them to move onto their next levels. She is also certified to examine the Acrobatic Arts Pin Program.

Wendy holds certificated as a Rhythm Works Integrative Dance Instructor. RWID is a rhythm and dance program that incorporates evidence-based practices from sensory integration, applications to physical skills, and behavioral strategies. Special attention is given to helping improve outcomes for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, and other learning differences and special needs.

Wendy continues to push her staff to continue being leaders in the industry ensuring using the latest technologies and tools available. To this end she has also partnered with CLI (Creative, Learning, Inspiring) Studios giving her staff year round access to some of the top professionals in the industry – Caitlin Kinney, Nick Lazzarini, Mijo, Comfort, Jamie Goodwin & Twitch to name a few.

Wendy is proud to continue as part of the Acrobatic Arts amazing faculty and looks forward to many more  years. 


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