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Ep. 61 Unlocking the Benefits of ADRC Share Levels with Mark Nash

The Acrobatic Arts Podcast • 05/24/2023

In this episode, we will be exploring the innovative ADRC (AcroDance Resource Center) and its incredible benefits for your studio. Discover how you can safely share levels with your students for at-home practice, while also offsetting your ADRC subscription costs. Join us as Mark Nash, the USA Division Manager, walks you through the ins and outs of this program and how it can work wonders for your studio. Stay tuned for an enlightening conversation packed with valuable insights!

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Need some visuals? Check out Marks's Weekly Mini presentation, How Sharing Levels Can Pay for your Subscription Fee, on YouTube!

Mark is the US Division Manager for Acrobatic Arts, as well as an acro adjudicator, educator and certified examiner. He enjoys choreography and has won the Josephine-Hermene Schwarz award as well as received commissions to choreograph repertory and full-length works for various dance companies throughout the US.  He was a professional dancer and has danced for Dayton and Cincinnati Ballets, and Ballet West.  

Mark is also an eight-time Men’s World Baton Twirling Champion, and has taught numerous world champions as well. He values education and has Master’s Degrees in Business and Arts Administration, as well as many dance related certifications. Mark is also a devoted husband and father of three, and lives in California. 



IG @nashmark23

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