As of 2024, dancers can choose to have their Acrobatic Arts exams recognised by OFQUAL, Qualification Wales, CCEA and SQA Accreditation through our accreditation with RSL Awards Ltd.

RSL Awards Ltd, is the international awarding body regulated by OFQUAL, Qualification Wales, CCEA and SQA Accreditation. ( (Ofqual website)

Students who opt in will receive evaluations and certificates by both Acrobatic Arts and RSL Awards Ltd.  Acrobatic Arts exams Level 6 to Pre-Professional 2 accrue UCAS points, as detailed in the chart below.

The Acrobatic Arts exam registration process will remain as outlined in the Certified Teacher's Examination Handbook. Please send a spreadsheet listing your students’ names and levels - wishing to register their exam for Ofqual recognition to  An invoice with the additional fees will be sent separately.

What is Ofqual, and what does it mean for Acrobatic Arts and our community of teachers and studio owners?

Ofqual stands for the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation, the governing body that oversees qualifications, examinations, and assessments in the UK, including those related to academia and extracurricular activities.

The recognition from Ofqual is significant for Acrobatic Arts as it validates the credibility of our examination program within the UK educational framework. It means that our exams are now measurable and comparable to other academic and extracurricular activities, ensuring they meet the same level of demand and standards.

This recognition provides creditability and allows our exams to offer credits and UCAS points, making them valuable for students pursuing further education.

What are the implications of Ofqual recognition for Acrobatic Arts exams in terms of comparability and standards?

Ofqual recognition ensures that Acrobatic Arts exams are aligned with the UK's academic standards and qualifications framework.

For example, our Level 5 exam is equivalent to Ofqual's Level 2 category of credits, similar to a grade 5 music or GCSE exam.

This comparability allows Acrobatic Arts exams to be standardized and understood within the UK education system, providing students with recognition for their achievements.

How does Ofqual recognition benefit students taking Acrobatic Arts exams, especially at Levels 6 to Pre-Professional 3?

Exams falling under Ofqual Level 3, such as Acrobatic Arts Levels 6 to Pre-Professional 3, not only provide Ofqual credits but also accrue UCAS points.

UCAS points are valuable for students applying to colleges and universities in the UK, as they are often required along with academic records for acceptance.

This recognition enhances the value of Acrobatic Arts exams for students pursuing higher education, making them a significant asset in college and university applications.

How does Ofqual recognition impact Acrobatic Arts operations and student participation in the UK?

Ofqual recognition is expected to lead to a notable increase in both student participation in exams and teacher certifications. The recognition is likely to positively influence parental interest in enrolling their children in Acrobatic Arts exams.

In addition to the inherent benefits of exam achievement, such as fostering a sense of accomplishment and goal-setting skills, students will now receive Ofqual credits and UCAS points, offering advantages for their future education.

Furthermore, in the UK, where students typically require permission to miss school, Ofqual recognition will facilitate the process of obtaining permission for students to attend exams during school hours. This addresses a previous operational challenge and ensures smoother proceedings.

It's important to note that from a registration standpoint, there will be no changes. Teachers will continue with the standard registration process, with the only requirement being a list of dancers' names intending to register under Ofqual.

How does Ofqual recognition benefit Certifying Teachers and those considering certification in terms of professional development and credibility in the UK?

Ofqual recognition offers significant benefits for both certified teachers and individuals considering certification with Acrobatic Arts.

This recognition provides an extra layer of validation and credit towards the professional development of certified teachers. It underscores their expertise and dedication to maintaining high standards within the field of dance education, enhancing their credibility within the UK dance community.

Moreover, Ofqual recognition enables certified teachers to offer their students the opportunity to participate in Acrobatic Arts Ofqual Registered Exams. This not only validates the quality of instruction provided by certified teachers but also allows students to earn credits and points towards their future education.

By participating in Ofqual Registered Exams, students can enhance their academic credentials while pursuing their passion for dance, further solidifying the value of Acrobatic Arts certification within the UK education system.

How does Ofqual recognition validate Acrobatic Arts' commitment to safety and quality in dance education?

Ofqual recognition serves as validation of Acrobatic Arts' dedication to maintaining safety and quality standards in dance education. It underscores that the program is on the right track and emphasizes the importance of recognizing students' efforts. This validation extends not only to students but also to certified teachers within the Acrobatic Arts community.

One of the initial steps taken by Acrobatic Arts, similar to many other student examination programs, is to educate teachers. Dance educators must become certified with Acrobatic Arts before offering Acrobatic Arts exams, ensuring a foundational understanding of safe and effective AcroDance instruction within a dance studio setting.

Acrobatic Arts' commitment to safety is evident in the design of the AcroDance syllabus program, which prioritizes teaching educators how to safely and effectively instruct AcroDance.

Quality is further emphasized through unique features, such as one-on-one teacher meetings at the end of exam sections with examiners. This provides an opportunity for Acrobatic Arts to ensure that certified teachers maintain safety and quality standards, while also allowing teachers to stay connected with the program through direct communication with examiners.

Does Ofqual recognition apply to past certification/exams?

No, Ofqual recognition applies only to future certification and exams conducted after the recognition has been granted. Past certifications and exams are not affected by this recognition.

Is there an additional fee for Ofqual recognition, and where can I find information about it?

Yes, there is an additional fee if a teacher wants an exam to be recognized with Ofqual. Specific details regarding this fee can be found in the Examination Handbook. For further clarification, teachers can contact UK Division Manager, Jennifer Shirkey at

What are the options for UK teachers regarding fees and Ofqual recognition?

Teachers have the option of paying the current relevant exam fees without Ofqual recognition or paying the additional fee associated with including Ofqual recognition. This allows flexibility for teachers based on their preferences and needs.

When can teachers expect to receive certificates and report cards for exams?

Following exams, regular certificates and report cards from Acrobatic Arts will be sent out as usual. However, the Ofqual report card and certificate, which are different, will be sent later. Teachers who opt for Ofqual recognition will receive both certificates.

Who should teachers contact for further inquiries regarding fees and the examination process?

For specific fee details and any other inquiries related to the examination process, teachers are encouraged to contact  UK Division Manager, Jennifer Shirkey at Jennifer can provide comprehensive information to address teachers' concerns.

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