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Master Class Auditions 2024-2025

Canada - Calgary, AB - Video Submission


Auditioning for Acrobatic Arts Master Classes is free of charge. Students already enrolled in Master Classes will undergo assessment during their sessions and are are NOT required to submit an audition.

Submit your video application to
Please include:
- splits all 3 ways
- toes to head
- side aerial (or one hand cartwheel, both sides if possible)
- back walkovers (both sides if possible)
- front walkovers (both sides if possible)
- hold handstand on the wall (minimum 1 minute)
- hold handstand in centre (as long as the dancer is able)
- 1 or 2 skill(s) of choice  

General Information about Acrobatic Arts Master Classes
Acrobatic Arts offers weekly lessons for students who demonstrate proficiency in AcroDance and while continuing to attend classes at their home studio. These classes, led by instructors Leah Holliday, Tatum Tanner, and Mandy Yip will include students from various studios. We maintain a teacher-to-dancer ratio of no more than 1:10, ensuring quality instruction. Admission to the program is by audition only, ensuring a high standard of skill and commitment among participants. 

  • Attendance is crucial for all classes, except in cases where they coincide with home studio competitions and events.
  • Dancers' progress will be closely monitored across all classes. Acrobatic Arts reserves the right to adjust a participant's level placement if deemed necessary.

Class times:

Master Classes will be held on Tuesday Nights 

  • 4:30pm-5:45pm - Curriculum Work Level 5 - PP3
  • 5:45pm - 6:45pm - Acro Variations and Transitions (Must be registered for a curriculum class to participate)
  • 6:45pm-8:00pm - Curriculum Work Level 3 - Level 7


  • All students attending classes must sign the waiver upon acceptance, NO EXCEPTIONS 
  • Studio Permission forms must be received before dancers will be admitted into classes in the fall.  No exceptions. 

Dancers must attend class in fitted dancewear with bare feet.  (2 pieces, tights, shorts acceptable. Athletic undergarments and/or tights must also be worn if required)

Required equipment: All students must bring to every class:

  • Knee pads (soft)
  • 1 or 2 pound ankle weights (Dancers under 80 lbs should have 1 pound ankle weights, Dancers 81 lbs and over should have 2 pound weights)
  • Thera-band
  • Massage ball

Location: 7058 Farrell Rd SE, Unit H, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Cancellations: To withdraw from Acrobatic Arts classes, we require a one-month written notice. Refunds will be processed subject to a $50.00 administrative charge. Please direct your written notice to

The Rules:

  • Dancers must be enrolled in an Acrobatic Arts Certified studio, where at least one Acrobatic Arts Certified teacher is employed.
  • Dancers must maintain good standing with their home studio and adhere to the studio owner's rules. Each studio will establish its own guidelines, such as maintaining good attendance, attending a minimum of three classes per week, and keeping all accounts up to date.
  • Studio owners have the authority to contact Acrobatic Arts at any time and request the removal of a dancer from class if they are not following the studio's rules.
  • Acrobatic Arts Master Classes are dedicated to technique training exclusively. There will be no opportunities for competitions, recitals, or performances.

The Benefits:

  • Dancers will receive consistent and exceptional training alongside peers of similar skill levels while maintaining their dance education at their home studio.
  • Acrobatic Arts Certified Teachers are encouraged to join these sessions at any time to gather insights, tips, and techniques to enrich their studio practices. These classes aim to mutually benefit both dancers and teachers/studios.
  • Participants will focus on authentic AcroDance, emphasizing skills tailored for stage performances rather than traditional gymnastics floor routines.
  • Dancers will be prepared for and encouraged to participate in Acrobatic Arts Exams, fostering skill development and recognition.
  • Furthermore, there will be exciting opportunities to collaborate with Special Guest Teachers, adding further depth to the learning experience.

Class Information

Video Audition
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