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Aerial and Back Handspring Workshop

Progressions and spotting for these exciting skills! This 4 hour workshop focuses on spotting with lots of time to practice and become comfortable with the timing and feel of Side and Front Aerial and Back Handspring spotting. Teachers are required to attend this course with a student(s) who has mastered the basic progressions leading up to side aerials and back handsprings (IE: one hand cartwheel, back arabian limber, handstand shoulder shrugs, front walkover, hold handstand on the wall/plank for 1 minute). This workshop is ideal for teachers who do not feel comfortable spotting these skills and is intended as an in-between course, so teachers without a lot of experience are more comfortable attending our Module Two course. 

Prerequisite: Module One or equivalent (confident spotting front and back walkovers, and cartwheels)

This course is not intended for teachers who are already comfortable spotting these skills. 

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Australia - Buderim, QLD
Beats Per Minute Performing ARTS: 7 Kelly Court, Buderim
January 17
A$ 190.00

Australia - Glendenning, NSW
Static Dance Studios: 2/7 Enterprise Dr
January 21
A$ 190.00

Australia - Wangara, WA
Turning Point Performance Academy: 3/72 Berriman Dr.
January 24
A$ 190.00

UK - Chippenham, Wiltshire
Fitzgraham Academy of Dance
April 12
£ 120.00

UK - Guiseley, Leeds
Starlight Academy
July 26
£ 120.00
10 spots left

UK - Lisburn, Northen Ireland
Dansa Studios
July 29
£ 120.00
15 spots left

New Zealand - Wellington, North Island of New Zealand
SWPT: 10 Lydney Place South Porirua
October 07
NZ$ 180.00

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