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Module Three - In person

Module Three (AAC3)

This course covers the optional skills listed in the Pre Professional levels. During this course, teachers will learn proper placement and technique for more advanced back tumbling, including connected back handsprings, back tucks and back layout step outs as well as contortion for the promotion of the more advanced limbering found in these levels. Module Three Certified teachers can register dancers for exams in any level.

Prerequisite: The prerequisite for the Module Three Course is completion of the Module Two course and home study (where required), and successfully entering at least one dancer in Level 8 Acrobatic Arts Syllabus Exam with a grade of 'Highly Commended' or higher.  Contact us to confirm that you qualify for this program.

Teachers are required to attend Module Three with a demonstrator who is Level 8 or higher.  This course is run one time every two years with location (worldwide) based on demand. Teachers serious about completing this level will likely need to travel for this course.  

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