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How do I share videos with my dancers?
Dancers download "My Acro App" from the App store or Google Play.  Teachers share levels through the "Assist Student" button on the AcroDance Resource Center.  Click here to watch a video

Can I charge dancers for access to levels on "My Acro App"?
Yes!  We encourage teachers to rent out levels to their dancers to help offset the cost of the AcroDance Resource Center.  Teachers can decide how they want to rent the levels out and what the cost should be.  

I'm not sure how many share levels I need.  Can I add more share levels later?
Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time.  The cost to upgrade will be the cost at the time of upgrading.  Previous sales will not be available. 

Is it possible to purchase the AcroDance Resource Center with a one time payment?
No, this resource is only available through subscription.  Both monthly subscription and yearly subscriptions will be available.  There will be a discount for yearly subscriptions 

Is there a discount for certified teachers?
Yes, teachers certified with Acrobatic Arts receive discounts on both monthly and yearly subscriptions

My subscription has lapsed, can I still get my previous discount?
No, unfortunately, the discount becomes invalid if there is a lapse in subscription payments or change in plan.

I recently purchased the original Acrobatic Arts App, can I exchange it for the new Resource Center?
Yes, if you purchased our original app recently and want to exchange it for the new resource center we can help!  Contact and we will credit your account based on what you purchased the original app for, and how long you've had it in your possession.  (For each month you've had the original app, we will deduct $35.00 from your full purchase price, and credit the remainder.) 

Example 1: If you bought the original app on June 1, 2020 and paid $499.00, we will deduct $35.00/month for June, July, August, September ($140.00) from your purchase price for the 4 months you were able to use the original app, and credit you the difference ($499.00-$140.00 = $359.00).  A credit of $359.00 will appear on your account and will go toward your payments on the new AcroDance Resource Center.

Example 2: If you bought the original app on June 1, 2017 and paid $499.00, we will deduct $35.00/month for June - December 2017, all of 2018, all of 2019, and January - October 2020 ($1,435.00) from your purchase price for the 41 months you were able to use the original app. ($499.00 - $1435.00 is less than zero).  Since this equation is less than zero, you will not receive a credit on the new AcroDance Resource Center.  

NOTE:  If you choose to exchange your Acrobatic Arts App (original) for the new AcroDance Resource Center, you will be required to delete the original  from your device, and you will no longer have access to it.  

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