Welcome to the 2023 Acrobatic World Championships presented by the International Dance Organization (IDO). The IDO is a non-profit World Dance and Dancesport Federation consisting of over 90 member nations representing more than 500,000 dancers from all six continents. IDO events include every genre of dance and are hosted in several countries around the globe each year. This year the IDO will host over 40 World Championship events in 11 countries.  

Each IDO member nation is required to form a Federation charged with the responsibility of administering sanctions to organizations that will host trial selections and assemble teams to represent their country in each facet of dance. In 2019, the United States Dance and Sport Competition Federation (USDSCF) granted the United States Tournament of Dance (USTD) the sanctions to select and assemble Team USA in both Hip Hop/Breaking and Acrobatic Dance. Until that point, neither facet had been represented by Team USA at World Championship events so when the Americans arrived in Bremerhaven, Germany in October 2019 all eyes were on them. A small but powerful team of just 22 American Hip Hop dancers competed against 3500 dancers from over 40 countries where they earned high ranking placements and even a medal in the Adult Male Breakdancing category in an "Olympic Style" Awards Ceremony. Upon their return from Germany, USTD began making plans to represent America at the 2020 IDO World Acrobatic Championships in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Regrettably, 2020 IDO events were cancelled due to the pandemic and took nearly two years to recover and begin hosting international events once again.

This year, the United States Tournament of Dance has plans to bring the very first American Team to compete at the IDO World Acrobatic Championships in Monterrey, Mexico! USTD has partnered with Acrobatic Arts who will serve as the official selection process and coaching staff for Team USA in Acrobatic Dance. USTD is thrilled to be able to provide this ground breaking opportunity to highly talented acrobats and acrobatic groups from around the country.

Included below please find details on; selection process, event information, fees, travel, Team USA gear and more. 

We look forward to viewing your submissions and wish you all the best of luck!

Read rules and regulations for Team USA submissions and selections 
Learn about team USA head coach, Mark Nash

Competition Information:
IDO World Acrobatic Dance Championships 2023
July 22 - 23, 2023
Teatro de la Ciudad, Monterrey Mexico
Theatre information: Teatro de la Ciudad
Hotel/transport information
Acrobatic IDO Competition quick reference 
IDO Acrobatic Competition information 
IDO full rules and regulations

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