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Progressions and Spotting for Aerials

This workshop will include exercises for strength and flexibility, skill progressions, and prerequisite skills for side aerials. Teachers will learn how to spot aerials so they can return to their studio confident in teaching these skills.
  • Learn the biomechanics of cartwheels (progressing into side aerials)
  • Learn exercises for strength and flexibility. Find out why it is so important to use the correct anatomy to create the movement, and how this understanding can be transferred into all styles of dance
  • Learn all of the required prerequisites for aerials, and how to know when your dancers are ready to safely attempt these skills (including many useful variations of cartwheels)
  • Learn the timing and placement for spotting side aerials and practice in class. Learn progressions in spotting to gain confidence in your own studio by implementing a few simple tricks
  • Discover how spotting skills helps with technique as well as safety
  • Ideas for entrances and exits to keep even your most proficient dancers engaged

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Canada - Live, Online
Progressions and Spotting for Aerials
March 11
C$ 79.00
9 spots left

Australia - Live, Online
Progressions and Spotting for Aerials
March 12
A$ 90.00

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